The Beginner’s Guide to Anchors

What To Consider Before Buying An Anchor Chain

It is not complex rocket science to figure out that every boat, yacht, or even ship, needs a strong and reliable anchoring equipment. However, most people tend to think that anchor chains are all the same, when in fact, on the contrary, they are not.

In the anchor chain shopping journey, the most commonly asked question is “how to find the best suitable anchor chains for a boat?” View here for more details regarding anchor chains and how to choose the suitable ones.

A vital step into any procedure is research, it aids in contributing to cultivating knowledge about the certain topic at hand in order to make the decision making process an easy one. Internet is a wide source of information spanning from websites to pages giving people data related to their searches.

Field research can also be conducted in order to add more info, through the help of survey questions, asking fellow captains and skippers about the best anchor chain they deem fit for your boat can be a great start.

It is a factor to consider how large and what kind of boat do you own since most modeled boats cannot cater the specific types of anchor chains due to its weight.

Learn more about the various types of anchor chains and their specific sizes and materials in order to narrow down the pool of choice for a better decision-making process.

Anchor chain grading is also vital in the decision making process as it affects the chains’ performance. The most common types of anchor chains are the following-proof-coil chain, BBB, and of course the HT.

Proof-coil chains are inexpensive and the type of chains which have long links but not such strong grips.

Beside having a hefty price tag, the triple B chain is the most famous amongst the three because of its strength and durability, having short strong links that can fit into most types of boats.

High Test chains or HT is the most expensive of them all, however, its price is reasonable for its quality since it is also the strongest among all, having a short link with much more weight endurance.

Anchor chains also need connector ropes, generally, there is a rule for anchor safety and it implies a 3 to one ratio, which for example if an anchor is submerged in 50ft water the anchor rope must be 150ft.

Lower decks should be maintained in a clean and safe atmosphere in order to avoid rusty anchor chains.

Overall, anchor chain shopping should not be a grueling task, it should generate a positive outcome with an enjoyable experience.

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