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With the holidays fast approaching, you might be frantically brainstorming ideas for holiday presents. Here are a few heart healthy options to consider! These ideas would make for great stocking stuffers, office holiday gift exchange, or even a friendly present.

The holidays can be stressful so why not include a stress ball so your family and friends can work their arm muscles instead of turning to the candy jar to relieve stress.

This is a great item to have around the house. When your kids go outside to run off steam, join them and jump a little rope while you watch them jump and play in the fall leaves.

Apples, oranges and grapefruits make for very healthy presents. Just make sure they dont get squished and give them in a timely manner so they are nice and fresh when the recipient receives them!

Everyone loves to sing loudly and dance around their house when no one is looking. Why not give your friends and loved ones their favorite CD and let them burn off those holiday calories while they have their own mini dance party!

When the weather changes and the temperature drops people tend to stay indoors more and therefore get less exercise. Give your co-workers a new hat, a scarf and a pair of gloves and that gives them no excuse to take a walk around the block and admire their neighbors holiday decorations.

This nifty little tool helps you count the number of steps you take in a day. What a great way to get the office together and get somephysical activityduring lunch!

Do you have a lot of healthy recipes you love? Why not share the wealth. Pre-made or hand-made recipe cards with hand writtenhealthy recipesare a heart-felt gift for all.

. Staying along with the share the wealth idea, check out theAmerican Heart Associations variety of cookbooks. Choose one that best suits your recipient. Whether theyre cooking for one, cooking for a family with kids, or looking for a quick and healthy meal, AHA offers a wide array of cookbooks.

Stress is not good for anyones health and the holidays are typically a stressful time of the year. Give your friends and loved ones a relaxation kit. Maybe include a few candles, maybe some incense, soaps, or a CD with soothing music.

Maybe give them a day pass to a museum; they can enjoy the art while enjoying a nice warm escape from the cold and a bonus they get in some physical activity! How about giving them some new supplies to paint or a gift card to a craft/art store so they can buy their own.

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Minister Blames EU for Banking Problems Hampering Irans Foreign Trade

Minister Blames EU for Banking Problems Hampering Irans Foreign Trade

TEHRAN (Tasnim) Irans Agriculture Minister Mahmoud Hojjati said the banking problems hampering the countrys trade with the European Union (EU) member states have their roots in the EUs failure to facilitate the banking ties between the two sides.

Irans governmental organizations and businessmen have difficulties in trading with European countries, Hojjati said in a meeting with a high-ranking delegation headed by the European Union Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan in Tehran on Saturday.

He emphasized that despite claims made by some EU officials, the banking problems are not caused by the Islamic Republic but created by the EU.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the minister appreciated the European Union for importing Iranian agricultural products and expressed the hope that the obstacles in the way to increase the imports would be removed in the near future.

The EU delegation comprises 70 members including some officials from Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission as well as representatives of some renowned companies from different European countries, according to the official website of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA).

The visit comes against the backdrop of a new wave of interest in ties with Iran after Tehran and the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany) in July 2015 reached a conclusion over the text of a comprehensive 159-page deal on Tehrans nuclear program and started implementing it in January 2016.

The comprehensive nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), terminated all nuclear-related sanctions imposed on Iran.

However, Iranian officials have complained about the failure of the other side, especially the US, to fully implement the accord, as Iran still has problems in its banking transactions with other countries.

Demarcation of Caspian Sea Not Discussed in Moscow: Iranian Spokesman

Young Palestinian Killed by Israeli Forces in West Bank

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Causes Long-Term Damage in Mice

Turkey Starting Initiatives at UN to Annul Trumps Decision on Al-Quds: Erdogan

Iranian Cleric Calls for Arms Supply to Palestinians

UN Says Childhood under Attack in South Sudan

Iran Drops Two Places at FIFA Womens World Ranking

Turkish PM: 75,000 Syrians Have Returned to Their Homes

Irans Zarif: US Seeking to Cover Up Complicity in War Crimes in Yemen

Russian Presidential Election Date Set as March 18

Iran Football Team to Play Uzbekistan in Friendly

Maastricht Stabbing: Two People Killed, Several Injured in Knife Attacks in Dutch City

Iran Has Reservations about OIC Summits Documents: Spokesman

Russia to Double Ballistic Missile Tests in 2018: Military

FIVB Club World Championship: Sarmaye Loses to Italys Lube

Irans Zarif Likens Haleys Speech to US Claims on Iraqs WMD Program

EU Extends Sanctions against Russia

Trump Calls Putin to Thank Him for Praise of US Economy

برای دریافت خبرنامه آدرس ایمیل شما ضروری می باشد

هر زمان که نیاز به ویرایش این اطلاعات داشتید، با وارد کردن ایمیلتان تغییرات را ذخیره کنید

در صورتی که تمایل به ادامه اشتراک نداشتید، در ایمیلی که از سوی ما دریافت می کنید، عدم اشتراک را انتخاب کنید

پس از ثبت نام، جهت تایید ایمیل/تلفن همراه ، برای شما پیامی ارسال می شود، لطفاً پیام را تایید کنید

All ContentbyTasnim News Agencyis licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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