SQL Server and Azure SQL

Thank you for this quick reply. I must say I am impressed of the number of functions that is available within this tool.

Thank you. I found Maestro easy to use and so far a great tool.

SQL Maestro GroupProductsMS SQL Server/ MS SQL Maestro

Complete and powerful database management, admin and development tool for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

MS SQL Maestrois the premier GUI admin tool for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database database management, control and development. Key features include:

Support for all Microsoft SQL Server versions from 7.0 to 2017

Support for Microsoft Azure SQL Database 11 and 12

Comfortable access to SQL Server security features

All these features make MS SQL Maestro your irreplaceable assistant in the SQL Server world. Boost your productivity and save your time and efforts on managing your databases with our product!

An easy to use database management tool for SQL Server Compact Edition.

A state-of-the-art database management and development tool for all the PostgreSQL users.

A complete and powerful database management and development tool for MySQL and MariaDB.

Your best guide in the world of Oracle.

DB2 database management has never been easier.

A number of data management tools for Microsoft SQL server.

Creates beautiful data-driven web apps for SQL Server databases.

Migrates any database to SQL Server quickly and easily.

Compares SQL Server database contents and synchronizes differences.

Top 10 reasons to use MS SQL Maestro

Latest Microsoft SQL Server version support

MS SQL Maestro supports all the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server

Use MS SQL Maestro to work with any Microsoft SQL Server version from 7.0 to 2017! MS SQL Maestro supports the latest MS SQL features such as schemas, synonyms, xml schema collections, assemblies, symmetric and asymmetric keys, credentials, certificates, schedules and much more.

Microsoft SQL Server security system is easy and clear in MS SQL Maestro

A highly secured Microsoft SQL Server database created in several mouse clicks becomes a reality! MS SQL Maestro provides you with several helpful wizards and editors which allow you to manage Microsoft SQL Server logins, users, roles and their privileges as easy as it can be, even if you are not a skilled Microsoft SQL Server administrator.

MS SQL Maestro is incredibly easy in database objects management

Windows clipboard, drag-and-drop operations, local pop-up menus – all of them can be used with database objects now! For example, to copy an object, simply drag and drop the object from one database to another, or use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts instead of performing a long succession of manual operations.

Even a newbie can use MS SQL Maestro

MS SQL Maestro is as easy in use as Windows explorer! MS SQL Maestro provides you with an understandable explorer-like navigation style, well-described wizard system, quick launch panel, and a lot of other tools and features, which do not require a deep knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server.

MS SQL Maestro allows you to create and execute queries in the most convenient way

Handy SQL Editor provides you with an ability to execute several queries simultaneously. Each query is executed in a separate thread, so all MS SQL Maestro opportunities remain available and there is no need to wait for your complex query to be completed. Such features as syntax highlighting and code completion make your work with the Editor extremely comfortable.

MS SQL Maestro provides you with advanced data export and import abilities

MS SQL Maestro supports more than twelve formats for data export and six formats for data import. These are MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, RTF, HTML, PDF, XML, CSV, DBF and more. Moreover, MS SQL Maestro does not require any additional software installed for all the supported formats.

MS SQL Maestro has an ability to view BLOB data in various ways

Using MS SQL Maestro you can view or edit BLOB data in the following ways: hexadecimal dump, plain text, graphical image or HTML page. A graphical representation of BLOB data supports five image formats: BMP, Windows metafile, JPEG, GIF and PNG.

MS SQL Maestro allows you to build diagrams based on Microsoft SQL Server data

This exclusive feature represents numeric data from a table or a query result as a diagram with an ability of customizing its appearance in various ways. You can also easily export the diagram to the following formats: BMP, Windows metafile, PDF, JPEG, PNG and more.

The fastest way for building queries

MS SQL Maestro allows you to create the SELECT statements visually

The Visual Query Builder is a powerful tool of MS SQL Maestro intended for designing queries as visual diagrams. This tool does not require any knowledge of the SELECT statement syntax, it will form a query automatically, you just need to mark what information do you want to retrieve.

Full customization according to your preferences and needs

MS SQL Maestro admits a flexible customization

In MS SQL Maestro you can customize the behavior of all its tools, select a user interface scheme and set a lot of other various preferences.

SQL Maestro Group wish you aMerry Christmas!

for all our products and bundles till

New version features support for SQL Server 2017, support for row-level security policies, custom labels and colors for server nodes in Database Explorer, and some other useful things.

New version features support for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016, updated data export/import tools, colored tabs, new encryption algorithms in data grids and some other useful things.

Support for SQL Server Native Clients, nullable column checker, updated Data Import and SQL Dump tools, data export to JSON and some other enhancements.

MS SQL Maestro supports all types of SQL Server logins: Windows Authentication, SQL Server Authentication, Certificate, and Asymmetric Key.

MS SQL Maestro allows you to cope with file groups and their files.

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vSphere 60

vSphere 6.0 vSphere Client is Still Alive with vSphere 6.0 !!!

ESX Version Comparisions

Diff Standard Distributed Switch

Diff VCenter 5.5 appliance and vCenter on WIndows

Diff between New and Upgarded VMFS 5

vSphere 6.0 vSphere Client is Still Alive with vSphere 6.0 !!!

Last updated Feb 12, 2015 at 10:46AM Published on Feb 5, 2015

vSphere 6.0 has been released with great new features and enhancements. One of the biggest rumors before the release of vSphere 6.0 was VMware is going to stop releasing the vSphere c client. No it is not true. With vSphere 6.0, VMware has shipped vSphere C client with vCenter Server installer.However, all new features from vSphere 5.1 onwards are available only in vSphere web client. For troubleshooting purposes, VMware has addedread only support to the vSphere C Client for compatibility levels 5.1, 5.5 and 6 aka virtual hardware 9, 10 and 11 features. This allows you to edit settings available in compatibility level 5 aka vHW8 and have access to view vHW9+ settings. The use case for this would be to connect directly to a host to add CPU or RAM to your powered off vCenter Server.

As We already discussed, Virtual machine hardware features are limited to hardware version 8 and earlier in the vSphere Client 6.0. All the features introduced in vSphere 5.5 and beyond are available only through the vSphere Web client. The traditional vSphere client will continue to Operate ,supporting the same feature set as vSphere 5.0.

The following hardware version 9 to 11 features are read-only and unavailable to edit with vSphere Client 6.0. You need to use vSphere Web Client to edit the following features.

I am sure vSphere Client availability with vSphere 6.0 will be happy news for all the VMware administrators. I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!!. Be Social and share it in social media, if you feel worth sharing it.

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vSphere 6.0 vSphere Client is Still Alive with vSphere 6.0 !!!

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