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to impress! Take your pick of one of three exceptionalincluding Dom Perignon which weve expertly paired with an unbeatable arrangement of decadent gourmet treats. Boasting exquisitely smooth truffles slow-meltingsquares and delicate cookies this gorgeous basket is certainly

La Marca bubbly that delights with delicate effervescence and is paired with an assortment of classic gourmet snacks. Complete with premium cheddar cheese hearty hors doeuvre crackers andchocolatefilled European-style wafer cookies this stunning arrangement is guaranteed to impress at any time.

stunning arrangement! You can choose one of three exceptionalchampagneswhich are expertly paired with an unparalleled assortment of decadent gourmet treats. Boasting irresistibly smooth truffles delicate cookies and caramel-filledchocolatesquares this gorgeous basket makes an already memorable

will discover your choice of one of three exquisite sparkling wines nestled among a collection of sophisticated treats. Boasting sinful French truffles delicate wafer cookies and caramel filledchocolatesquares this generous arrangement makes a beautiful gift thats completely unforgettable.

Spread Christmas cheer with this stunning gift! Inside a keepsake basket your recipient will discover a crisp and clean La Marca bubbly thats paired with an assortment of delicious snacks. Complete with smooth cheddar cheese artisan hors doeuvre crackers and gourmet cookies this delightful

clean bottle of bubbly! As the ball drops you can toast to a new year sipping on delicious La Marca prosecco and noshing on gourmet cheese artisan crackerschocolatefilled cookies and more. This is the perfect gift to send if you cant make a New Years party or to enhance your own festivities!

Celebrate any occasion with your top clients and most important customers with this signature basket featuring Prosecco by La Marca and several pleasing snacks. Inside this specialty keepsake basket youll find goodies such as garlic cheddar cheese deli style crackers and a variety of cookies. This

needed to indulge on New Years Eve! In an elegant gift basket have your pick between three different sparkling wines and an unbeatable selection of decadent gourmet treats including handmade French truffles and decadent caramel filledchocolatesoffering everything needed to ring in the New Year.

handled basket your recipient will discover a clean and crisp La Marca bubbly which weve paired with a selection of sweet gourmet accompaniments. Boasting richchocolatesgourmet cookies and traditional Easter treats this delightful arrangement is guaranteed to make this Easter extra special!

gift basket is perfect for setting the mood this Valentines Day. Make it a night to remember with a refreshing bottle ofchampagneslow-melting truffleschocolatecookies and even more delicious sweets. To top it all off an adorable teddy bear is sure to help you win your Valentines heart!

Leave friends and clients in awe with this stunning arrangement of unparalleled elegance. Inside a two-tiered vegan leather suitcase your recipient will discover Dom Perignons esteemed 2006 vintage which is paired with a carefully chosen collection of tempting gourmet foods. Boasting an ultra sharp

Champagne Collection

Here at The Champagne Collection, we have a passion for champagne and all its associated products and are dedicated to offering quality products to all our customers.

The must have of Maison Jeeper. A perfect wine for food, its beautiful precise flavours really impress.Watch out for the honey and floral flavours.100% Chardonnay

Our Champagne Gift Cards are every Champagne lovers delight! Give someone this Gift Card which enables them to purchase Champagnes up to 1000 (excluding delivery)

Our Champagne Gift Cards are every Champagne lovers delight! Give someone this Gift Card which enables them to purchase Champagnes up to 50 (excluding delivery)

Our Champagne Gift Cards are every Champagne lovers delight! Give someone this Gift Card which enables them to purchase Champagnes up to 100 (excluding delivery)

This Mot and Chandon Champagne is the best known of all brands in the UK and provides a balanced and well rounded wine. Full of flavour and for every celebration you enjoy. The perfect blend of the three champagne grape varieties, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, using over 100 wines. 20-30% Chardonnay…

A well balanced blending of crus from Montage de Reims, Valle de la Marne, Massif de Saint-Thierry, Coteaux du Szannais and the Cte des Bar creates a roundness and crispness with provides a wonderful harmony. Using grapes which have been manually harvested and produced following classical Champenoise vinification techniques….

REDUCED !!! Heres the Lanson Black Label Brut dressed beautifully in its own purple neoprene polo shirt! Game Set & Match!! Limited Edition – Stock available mid May – please order now to avoid disappointment

The amazing Lavergne Brut Classic. A fresh gentle Champagne, boasting luxury, class and style. This superb Champagne is blended from the old vines of Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the soil of the first counts of Champagne parcels of land. Its the traditional Champagne derived from some of the oldest known Champagne Estates. Matured for a…

Only created in 1998, Mot and Chandon THE Ros to bring out for that perfect aperitif. Ros Imprial is both radiant and spontaneous, and a romantic expression of the Mot & Chandon style, a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity. 10-20%…

Indulge in the perfect Little Journey around Champagne Enjoy 3 of Sangers finest, Generosite Noire, Terroir Natal, and Tango Paradoxe, and taste Champagnes made from the finest vineyards across the region. A perfect Champagne Collection

Welcome to the true gist of Champagne! Made with the jewels of the best chardonnay grapes of the House. The Ultimate Prestige! A delicate stream of flavours and stunningly beautiful Champagne. A luxury reflecting the best of the Chardonnay produced by the House over the years blended together to create mature and delicate flavours that are a true…

If ever a Ros champagne could be draped in silk, this would be it. Ruby silk would be just perfect for this sensational tsarine brut ros.

Watch the fine foam of tiny busy bubbles fizzle against the yellow and green background of this complex champagne!

This classical Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru reflects the chalky mother-earth, and the expressive strong flavours of the white Chardonnay grape. Blended with 30% of wines which have not undergone any malolactic fermentation which preserves its natural freshness. Silver medal at World Chardonnays Contest in 2013. Mentioned in Hachette Guide 2012.100%…

The story behind The Champagne Collection began in France in 1999. I was living and working in Paris, and on many weekends, often with visiting friends or family, we would venture to Champagne and sample the cuvees of the winemakers. Through what was a regular pilgrimage, my passion for champagne was born.


Gift of Champagne

Billecart Perfect NV Pair in Satin Gift Box

Bollinger Perfect NV Pair in Satin Gift Box

Duval Leroy Perfect NV Pair in Satin Gift Box

Moet & Chandon Brut NV Perfect Pair in Satin Gift Box

Perrier Jouet NV Perfect Pair in Satin Gift Box

Veuve Clicquot NV Perfect Pair in Satin Gift Box

Wearing Memories Champagne Cocktail Ring NV Package

Wearing Memories Champagne Dbl Fob Chain Bracelet NV Package

Wearing Memories Champagne Scarf Ring/Button NV Package

Dom Perignon – The Man and the Myth

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