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Egg in the basket

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Frog in the Hole redirects here. For the sausage dish, seeToad in the hole.

Egg in the basket with a hat or lid

Egg in the basketalso known by many other names is anegg friedin a hole of a slice ofbread.[1][2][3]Awaffleorbagel(with a large enough hole) can also be substituted for the slice of bread.[4][5]

Variant names for the dish include toad in the hole, gashouse eggs, a hole in one, eggs in a frame, spit in the ocean, one-eyed Jack, one-eyed Pete, pirates eye, egg in a hole, egg in a frame, gasthaus eggs, bullseye eggs, and popeye.[6][7]The name Gashouse Special is used in the 1975 bookThe Kids Kitchen Takeoverby Sarah Stein,[8]attributing the name as her husbands idea.

The dish can be seen being prepared onscreen by actorGuy Kibbeein the 1935 Warner Bros filmMary Janes Pa, leading them to sometimes be known as Guy Kibbee eggs. They are sometimes calledBetty Grableeggs, stemming from the preparation of the dish in the actresss 1941 filmMoon Over Miami, although the script refers to them as gashouse eggs. The dish is prepared in the 1987 filmMoonstruck(byOlympia Dukakischaracter). It is also prepared in a 1996 episode of the sitcomFriends, by the characterJoey Tribbiani, who refers to it as eggs with the bread with the hole in the middle, la me! It is called eggy in the basket byStephen Frys character in the 2005 filmV for Vendetta. It is prepared using fresh eggs bySusan Sarandons character Marnie Minervini in the 2016 filmThe Meddler. The dish is also portrayed in the seventh episode of season two ofLucifer, where Lucifer enjoys one made with sweet bread andoyster leaves.

The dish is typically bread with an egg in the center and then cooked with a little butter or oil.

It is commonly prepared by cutting a circular or square hole in the center of a piece of bread. The bread, sometimes buttered prior to cooking, isfriedin a pan withbuttermargarinecooking oil, or other fat. When browned, the bread is flipped, and the egg is cracked into the basket cut into the toast. Alternatively, the egg may be dropped into the bread before the bread is browned. The time the egg is placed in the bread is dependent on desired consistency.

The dish is often either covered or flipped while cooking to obtain even cooking, and requires a degree of skill and temperature control to prevent burning either the egg or bread while the entire dish is cooked to the desired consistency.

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