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The Breastest News Review Prestige Hampers

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Every year it gets more and more difficult to decide what to get for our loved ones. Kids are quite easy but the adults of the family, including grandparents, are always a bit of a struggle. They tend to have everything they need and buy what they want when they want it so its hard to get something that will be appreciated. This is where

comes in. Prestige Hampers are an online gift service based in Cheshire that specialise in hampers containing only the finest foods and wines. I was very excited to receive my hamper so let me tell you all about it.

Prestige Hampers sent me a lovely Cheese and Wine gift basket which is my absolute fav. I love a good bit of cheese and always go for the cheese board dessert option when its on the menu. A couple of years ago before the toddler was born I used to make my own foodie hampers as gifts for relatives. I quite enjoyed doing this however I really dont have the time required to complete a fabulous hamper anymore. It makes me happy though that Prestige Hampers can fill that void.

Inside my Cheese and Wine gift basket there was; Wendsleydale with Cranberries 100g, Waxed Cheese with Red Wine and Chilli 100g, Waxed Cheese Double Gloucester 100g, Louis Filipe Cabernet Sauvignon 37.5cl, Beetroot and Orange Chutney by Mrs Bridges 130g and Walkers Highland Oatcakes 280g. Not to forget the handmade country style basket which the recipients can keep after theyve finished their treats.

Priced at 34.99, but currently on offer for 29.99, its the perfect gift for the Grannys and Grandads or Mummys and Daddys. I love a food themed gift myself. Its tasty, brings you joy, can be shared and doesnt take up room! Whats not to love. Im not a fan of the tat gifts so this is the perfect thing for me.

Prestige Hampers offer a wide range of gifts on their site with a price to suit all budgets. Theres Christmas Hampers, Festive Food Hampers, Sweet Hampers, Chocolate Hampers, Fruit Baskets, Beer Hampers, Champagne Hampers, even hampers for Pets!! Price range is from as little at 9.99 all the way up to 1,000. They honestly have tons of fab hampers to look through so do have a nosey. Another good thing is that they deliver right up to Christmas Eve which is great for a last minute gift if youre struggling for ideas or have forgotten something.

I was sent the hamper shown in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Christmas COVERED With Prestige Hampers

arrived early the other day, when thisAMAZING luxuryTraditional Christmas Hamper*landed on my doorstep. Packed full of festive foods, seasonal snacks and wonderful wines, this gorgeous vintage-esque hamper is pretty muchpersonified. Im not even the most festive kinda gal tbh -is probs the best way to describe me… but genuinely, opening up this hamper & discovering all theedible surprises it contained got me

Luxury is right – the wonders in this wicker basket areeverythingChristmasis about. Whether you decide to spoil a loved one with their ownPrestigeChristmas Hamperor order one in so youre fully stocked with snacks for over the festive season; this optionfirmlyhas yo back. And I can tell you from first hand experience that everything it contains isinsanelytasty[especially the biscuits, wine and posh crisps!] so therell bezerochance of disappointment from the recipient.

Packedfullof festive fancies and decadent delicacies [andwine, not overlooking the wine!] thisdelivery took my legitimate breath away. Nestled within the beautiful handmade hamper was literally all kinds… as I dug deeper, I uncovered more & more gorgeous items, all of which perfectly met the expectations of what atraditionalChristmaslooks like to me. And the hamper itself isabso-bloody-lutely gorgeous… its hard to gauge what I was most excited over, tbf!

Heres what to expect in theTraditional Christmas Hamper:

– Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Classics 120g

– Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding 100g

– Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Yorkshire Crisps 100g

– And of course, the Handmade Wicker Basket itself and Personalised Card.

Even justreadingover that list of goodies makes my stomach rumble. Theresso much included… especially given the fact its reduced down to just 64.99; which makes it fantastic value – regardless of whether you order one as a gift or to have these yummy festive bits in your gaff in time forChristmas. Or maybe just for the hamper itself! Theresso many plus pointswhen ordering aPrestige Christmas Hamper.

Some standout items from this hamper for me were:

– These littleMackays Festive Preserves-how could you NOTfeelinsanelyChristmassylooking at these cute jams?! The packaging is gorgeous and that tartan detailing is giving meallthe festive feels. And theyre so damnInstagrammable.

-BISCUITS!What is life – or a hamper – without biscuits? A SHAM… Ill answer that for you.Obviously I aminsanelygreedy and a big fat pig these days, so I havetotallyeaten all of the above… andbloody hell, they were nice. Iloveshortbread, and this luxury selection of festive biccies wasincredible; as well as seasonally packaged. And the red velvet biscuits were UNREAL – some of THEnicestbiscuits Ive ever scoffed.

– ThisEnglish Breakfast Tea. Although Im a coffee kinda gal ordinarily, I properlyLOVEEnglish Breakfast Tea; theresjust something about that blendthat ranks it light years ahead of your regulationTetleytea bags. I feel so civilised and middle class having this in my cupboards.

-These crisps have changed my outlook on life forever. Over dramatic I am not. My galKTwarned me about how nice these crisps were, and although Itotesbelieved her, I wasnotprepared for howincrediblethey actually were once I started snacking on them. The tastiest damn crisps Ive ever eaten, and all I can think about since they came into my life.

– Thisluxury dark chocolatewas beautifully rich andequallybeautifully packaged. Naturally, as with anything chocolate-based which enters my house, it didnt last for long… but for the short time that it did, it was super yummy. This with a cheeky glass of red wine is a combo that cant be beaten.

-Wine.Need I say more? Because of how ill Ive been this year I havent even had a sip of alcohol since like…February. And seeing actual WINE face to face and hearing the familiarclinkof the glass bottles for the first time after all those months broughtlegittears to my eyes. Ive become more of a red wine kinda gal in my old age, but I had a couple of glasses of thisWater Stop Station Chardonnaythe other day and it was really,reallynice – I proper enjoyed it. Just theabsolute icing on the cakeon what was already abloody fantasticfirst experience with a luxury hamper for me.

Have you ever gifted someone with a hamper before? Whats your favourite thing inside this beautifulPrestige Christmas Hamper?*This post contains the tastiest PR sample ever, but all opinions and professions of love for snacks are totes my ownSHARE:Posted byLovelaughslipstick xat02:00Labels:BiscuitschristmasChristmas Gift Guideschristmas gift ideasChristmas HampersfestivefoodFoodieHamperlifestylepresentsPrestige HampersWineNo comments

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