Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client Download

The standalone package containing a single DLL that is indispensable in developing applications compatible with Microsoft SQL Server

Part of the Microsoft SQL Server Feature Pack, a useful component that is very important for applications that are designed to connect with Server 2012 is Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client.

This dynamic-link library (DLL) brings support for integrating the latest capabilities of SQL Server 2012 into the software that have it embedded in their code. Thus, the SQL ODBC driver, as well as the SQL OLE DB provider become available when Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client is part of the equation.

Running the installer for this library will add to the target system the client components that are required for SQL Server 2012 connectivity. Also part of the package are the header files that programmers can use when creating utilities that employ SQL Server Native Client application programming interface (API).

With Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client installed, when trying to establish a connection with the server the user will be prompted to specify the data source name and description, as well as specify the instance of SQL Server on the network.

Specifying the authentication method, configuring the advanced client entries and the login details that will be used by the Native Client ODBC drive to establish the connection are also required. The following step is to set the default database for the data source and there are also some other options like the language for the SQL Server messages or the usage of regional settings.

In case the details are not filled in full, the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client ODBC driver or the SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider will bring up the SQL Server Login box where the necessary information can be specified.

As a conclusion, it is clear that Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client is not tailored for the general audience, instead it is strictly addressed to developers, more precisely to those working with SQL Server applications who will surely need it onto their systems.

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SQL Server Compact SQLite Toolbox

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SQL Server Compact SQLite Toolbox

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SQL Server Compact SQLite Toolbox is a Visual Studio add-in and standalone app , for managing all aspects of your SQL Server CompactSQLite database files

Project is being moved toGitHubLatest source and issues are now on Github!

Download the latest version of the Visual Studio add-in (for both 3.5, 4.0 and SQLite) fromVisual Studio Market Place

Add-in version 4.4 – November 2015 – Modern look and improved Visual Studio integration*

For similar functionality in SQL Server Management Studio and from a command line, use mySQL Compact Scripting Utility Projecton CodePlex.

Please feel free to provide feedback on bugs and feature requests using theIssue Tracker

This project is inspired by the excellentSQL Azure ExplorerCodePlex project. Thanks for being there.

For more technical information on Visual Studio add-ins,see this blog post.

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