VMwares vSphere Web Client uses Flash ? Thats pretty weak

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VMwares vSphere Web Client uses Flash ? Thats pretty weak.

VMwares vSphere Web Client uses Flash ? Thats pretty weak.

12th September 2012ByGreg FerroFiled Under:Rant,VMware

I have to agree in part with Trevor Potts at The Register and object to VMwares solution to the vCenter client platform problem. He got to ask VMware why they are using Flash instead of HTML5 and he runs down the list of options.

Java too much versioning, not much customer love (ie none, actively hated by most)

Systems administrators are already inundated with Java versioning issues. A lot of the management apps we run are Java, and a good many blow up if you use anything other than the precisely tested version it shipped with. VMware did not want to add to these troubles. An additional consideration is that by developing an application requiring bleeding edge capabilities and going Java, you write off mobile devices just as they are proliferating at unprecedented levels.

Silverlight not cross platform (and killed by Microsoft). Who cares about Silverlight anyway.

HTML 5 not finished and not consistently deployed is true enough.

Isnt HTML 5 supposed to be the land of faeries and unicorns, open standards and interoperability? Turns out, not so much. To build a management interface with the complexity required to meet VMwares ambitions, they would have to code everything to the absolute bleeding edge. While core HTML 5 functionality is (mostly) gelled, the really good stuff is still a moving target that isnt implemented properly in all browsers just yet. In the future, after the spec has settled a bit and browser vendors have pulled their fingers out, VMware would love to make an HTML5 client. It simply isnt feasible today.

In the end, Flash is the only workable choice, that no one likes for security reasons, for a good enough interactive interface.

Here is my problem: Its 2012 and VMware is supposed to be the king, lord and master of all things software and they cant build a native client for three platforms Windows, OSX and Linux ? They have to choose a software plugin that is clearly obsolete and despised by most people as insecure, memory intensive, and failure prone. I dont even have Flash installed on my laptop because the security risk and performance impact (and battery ) is too high. And this is what they choose to support their customers.

This is Bollocks.  VMware is being cheap and lame. While this new client is better than nothing its still nowhere near good enough. If you are a software company, then software should be easy. Right ?

viaLove vSphere? Youre going to have to love Flash too • The Register.

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Im upset with it too but I have to say, at least I can maintain it from my linux machine now, which is my primary OS. Even though it is much slower than on windows (yes, flash sucks, big time even, but it sucks even worse on linux (yes I know, its hard to believe, try it :)))

The flash interface is both slow and clumsy compared to the windows API, cant stand using it. Even worse that VMWare plans to get rid of the API altogether. But my *biggest* gripe and worry? Only larger enterprises will elect to afford a separate physical server to host the web interface on, while the rest of us will host it on a virtual server and what happens when the environment crashes? Your management interface is now stuck in the same virtual environment you need to fix!

and its a really really slow client so slow no interactive feedback

A year later we see the decision to use flash is even worse than before, since Adobe has chosen to abandon further flash development for Linux (never mind also abandoning mobile platforms).

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vCenter vSphere Web Client SSL Certificate Warning Error

vCenter vSphere Web Client SSL Certificate Warning Error

Question priority can be upgraded with apremium feature.

vCenter vSphere Web Client SSL Certificate Warning Error

Question priority can be upgraded with apremium feature.

When signing on to vSphere Web Client, I get the big warning message indicating that the SSL Certificate is not trusted. I can click Trust or Proceed to then be able to log into the vSphere Web Client. I have a self signed certificate that I would like to import into vCenter so that I dont get that warning message anymore. The vCenter Server is 5.1 Update 1c installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM.

Ive tried doing some research but havent found the correct way to do this.

This will not only make the warning go away, it will also make the communication secure.

Refer this below steps to replace the default certificates

I already have the CA signed Certificate. I guess I just need to import it or replace the default certificate thats in there. When reviewing the document located here:

Am I replacing all Certificates with the new one I have or am I mainly concerned with the vSphere Web Client option.

Thanks0LVL 13Overall:Level13VMware13SSL / HTTPS1Message

You must pre-trust all certificates that are signed by your own local root CA, unless you pre-trust the parent

certificate, the root CAs own certificate. You must also pre-trust any valid default certificates that you will

All the certificates have to be replaces and trusted by each component.

They are all dependant on each other.0Featured PostThe Evil-ution of Network Security ThreatsPromoted byAlexandra Lating

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